What makes the D’.Capitale apartment special

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Nha xin chao

Nha xin chao

There will be an "all-in-one" entertainment spot for families this holiday season when Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung officially opens at the end of April 2019.

As the 10th shopping mall in Hanoi will be put into operation, what make the first Vincom in Cau Giay district attract the people of the capital?
Novel architecture inspires
Inspired by the starlight, the appearance of Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung stands out with its spontaneously split colors. Modern lines and blocks are used in combination with special lighting system to create a unique, shimmering exterior in the evening for the 10th Vincom Shopping Center in Hanoi.

Vincom Tran Duy Hung owns a different face than the other 9 one in Hanoi

Meanwhile, the space inside Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung was inspired by the familiar image of "terraced fields" of the Northern midland and mountainous region with dominant yellow tones and These exquisite design details simulate beautiful nature.

The space inside Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung was inspired by the familiar image of "terraced fields" of the Northern in Vietnam

With impressive and unusual tones and many new design angles, the young capital will have one more luxurious and eye-catching "check-in" place.
World brand convergence

With the focus on luxurious experiences, always updating the latest trends of Vincom Center model, the "customers" of Karen Millen, Charles & Keith, Tommy Hilfiger Denim, Pedro, Adidas, Reebok, Nike ... will surely be satisfied with the presence of these brands in Vincom shopping mall.

Especially, European fashionistas will be "smoldering" when the fashion brand OVS with elegant styles of Italy and Trendiano with inspiration from the UK will open the first store in Hanoi with many incentives in the opening week.

About entertainment place at weekend for the whole family, there is no better place to meet "all family is happy" than Vincom! The first "movie theater-in-forest" in Vietnam will be officially launched by CGV Cinemas at Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung.

The first CGV in style of "jungle theater" in Vietnam with green trees spread along the campus to create a sense of freshness, helping customers to enjoy the cinema and immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere.

The five- continents culinary world at Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung will appeal to young people when the most expected restaurants will be here such as: Dookki, Mr. Dakgalbi, Pepper Lunch, .... Especially, here It is also the convergence of the most popular coffee and tea brands such as Starbucks, RuNam and Phuc Long.

The presence of a series of high-end brands, Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung will surely become the most attractive shopping and entertainment paradise in Cau Giay area, one of the densely populated areas in Hanoi capital.


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